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Artistic Stained Glass

 Stained glass from Luxury Antonovich Design

Stained glass is an element of decor or exterior of the building, which consists of many pieces of art glass and is designed to fill the openings or bulk forms, taking into account the transmission or reflection of light.
This kind of decorative art came to us from ancient ages.

Studio experts of Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly mastered the technique of creating a luxurious and exclusive stained glass windows.

In the development and implementation of projects with stained glass designs, we combine ancient techniques and the latest technology. New scientific developments in the range of glass and different techniques of creating stained glass windows offer great opportunities for the realization of the most creative ideas of designers.
In the creation of stained glass and stained glass designs, we use the highest quality materials so this type of decor will be enjoyed by a generation of property owners.
Art glass and stained glass from our design studio is a combination of tradition and innovation.
Creating stained glass is an important focus of interior design companies in Dubai. This decor will bring a special charm, beauty and romance in the interior, passing through light rays and pouring with beautiful glares.
We will create for you stained glass windows of an amazing beauty and elegance!
Masters-virtuosos with extensive experience in their field and specialized art education work on each project. Our specialists thoroughly mastered the art of creating magnificent stained glass windows. Using all of the known technology, we insert the stained glass in the interiors of any style. We are closely watching all the novelties in this field to provide our esteemed customers the best that exists in the world today.

In work we use the basic techniques for creating stained glass:

1. Stained glass windows by the "Tiffany" technique
2. Window glass design by bending
3. Art glass by fusing technique
4. Stained glass windows in brass profile
5. Stained glass panels with painting
6. Stained glass windows with a combined technique.

Stained glass windows complements the artistic value of your interior and will significantly increase its investment attractiveness. Ordering stained glass in our studio, you are guaranteed to get exclusive solutions and an impeccable realization of design ideas. Lightness, elegance and aesthetic perfection are typical for each work. We have created hundreds of the options that you can find on our site.
We are ready to fulfill orders of any size and complexity. It can be as miniature solutions and huge ceilings, gaps between the walls, stained glass windows in homes, offices and places of worship. The harmonious combination of perfect forms of artistic expression and original author's ideas with the traditions and modern technology allows us to create absolutely unique stained glass windows.


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