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Landscape design in Tehran

Landscape design in Tehran by Luxury Antonovich Design - is the science and art. This means to create a beautiful garden without special knowledge is impossible. Therefore, the majority owners of private homes in Tehran, applying for a help of professionals in the field of landscape design. On the one hand, it is a fashion statement, and the desire even in the garden to show their status, on the other a desire to live in a comfortable space, in harmony with the environment.

During the developing of landscape design is necessary to know the basic principles that will help create the perfect, wonderful and unusual garden.

  • Unity and Compatibility: all the elements should have the perfect balance adjustment of height, color, size. To do this, choose one direction or style to develop.
  • The simplicity of the landscape garden design, not a stingy design but maintenance of harmony.
  • Proper selection of colors: the foreground looking better bright colors, and a far - neutral (white, gray, black)
  • A smooth transition in plant height: ascents and descents.


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