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Architect in Tehran

Architect in Tehran from Luxury Antonovich Design is a development of the concept of architecture, taking into account all your preferences and wishes, and - the conditions and characteristics of the construction (geodesic, climate, location, etc.). First of all, we are developing a 3D layout of architectural structures, to visualize it for presentation to the customer. Following the development and coordination of the 3D layout, preparing documentation for further harmonization with the necessary authorities and services (Scheme of the general plan, floors, facades (in color), sections schemes and not only).

Architectural design includes:

  • The general plan, which has already include all plans of connections, communication, vertical plan;
  • Architectural solutions: more detailed plans, sections, with facades in color, technical and economic indicators, flooring structures, and sheets of various finishing facilities;
  • Technological design: floor plan with the placement of furniture, equipment, specification of furniture, lighting items, sockets, design solutions, developed individually;
  • Building structures ( bases and walls, floors and coverings);
  • heating and ventilation plan (scheme and calculations);
  • Water and sewer plans (scheme, calculations of the Inland Water and Sewerage);
  • Security systems and alarms.

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