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Villa design in Oman

Our design studio interiors in Oman Luxury Antonovich Design develops an interior design for homes and public spaces. During our activity, we have developed more than 1,000 different interiors. The best work you can see in the portfolio on our website.

All our projects are on the boundary of the three components. The first is the budget and the wishes of the customer. In order to match the design to the customer's expectations. The second is the experience gained by our studio. We keenly following the novelties of market design, and tell about all the possibilities of the interior transformation to our clients. The third component of the interior design is the space itself, the boundaries of the physical world. Our main goal - to make the space as comfortable as possible for the customer.

During the communication with our studio, you will not only get a full consultation on the design of your interior, but also a lot of ideas and solutions, which we always share. You will be satisfied with our work and will recommend us to your friends. It is already doing most of our customers.

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