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Layout design in Oman

Construction of residential houses, cottages, multi-storey building or any other building can not be done without the detailed plan, which will cover all the necessary aspects of the construction. Without such a guide to action, the construction may be non-functional or not suitable for use.

Architectural design by Architectural Bureau in Oman Luxury Antonovich Design - is the first step towards the construction of the house for any purpose. In the process of creating the architectural plan, considering all important aspects, starting with the external appearance of the building, the internal arrangement of rooms and ending with engineering services.

Design Stages

· The first is sketch. At the beginning of the work necessary to familiarize with the customer's wishes, an assessment of terrain and geological survey, reading the documentation. After that carried out the formation of sketches that represent the future structure of the drawings, including all necessary information, such as a number of floors, layout, the appearance of the building and select appropriate building materials.

· Project. The result of the completion of this stage is an architectural project, created on the basis of the previous stage documentation and the prepared for approval of licensing authorities.

·Work plan. After the approval of all documentation, development of the project begins immediately for the construction. All drawings and characteristics specified in this document. Designing of the work plan based solely on specifications and in compliance with all required standards.


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