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House design in Oman

Interior design in Oman Luxury Antonovich Design - is a sense of style and quality. Good interior in our portfolio proves that the studio has a taste. The second is the feedback. We offer for each project a full set of drawings with detailed construction diagrams. To create the interior of your dreams. We provide a full list of materials and specifications. What you need to prepare before order project. Main - a drawing of your room. If the construction has just begun, we can begin to develop the interior design. In the future, we will make measurements and will continue to work on the project.

Also, you should before ordering a project, select the interiors from the internet that you liked. This is to ensure that the designer able to build on your taste preferences basis. The next step is a technical specification. A long list of questions about what you like and do not like. This list is necessary in order to clarify all the details of your future interior. It will help to design in more detail, that is suitable for you.

For example, you have a collection of paintings that you want to put in the design or some other valuable item for you. Designing the interior is a laborious time-consuming work, where you need to combine your interests with technology.

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