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The best home decoration Nigeria

The best home decoration Nigeria

When building a private house, it is very important to create your own unique house interior, to create an atmosphere of coziness, to make space as convenient as possible. Owners of private houses have more opportunities to organize space and create unusual house interior than owners of apartments. Today, world designers and furniture manufacturers offer numerous interior design styles. We regularly monitor new trends in design. On the pages of our website, you will find options for house interior of private houses that will help you decide on the style and make your home the most comfortable.

Thanks to the professional services of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design you get a high-quality house interior of your future home. When developing such a project, terrain features, ergonomic rules, your preferences, and wishes will be taken into account that will help maximize the future comfortableness of your house interior. The high-quality house interior is the result of painstaking work, careful calculations and accounting of all possible functional and aesthetic features of individual rooms.

The house interior design services

In the complex or separately, such services can be provided:

development the building design;

careful planning of the house zones to achieve the maximum convenience;

designing of various architectural solutions for the premises and the house as a whole — rooms, lofts, the size or shape of windows, terraces and facades, other;

selection of environmentally friendly materials;

development of schemes for electrical engineering, water supply, sewerage, ventilation or any other systems;

the project can be accompanied by 3D visualization, which helps to better represent the future final result;

selection of furniture and decoration materials for house interior.

Most of the calculations and work are done on specialized software, which results in precisely verified plans and successful architectural solutions. We can design a house for any client, wherever it is located: Dubai, Nairobi, other cities of the UAE, Nigeria or any other country in the world. After you get a ready project, study it from the outside and look inside, you will understand — this is the house of your dreams!

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