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Interior Design Nigeria

Do you want to build a house in Nigeria, but do not know where to start? It's simple! Start with your home design project. Leading design studio in Nigeria Luxury Antonovich Design ready to offer you a unique design specifically for your family. Projects of villas and houses - all this you will be offered the best interior designers.
Interior Design Nigeria - is, first and foremost the development of the finished drawing of your country house, cottages with a loft or gazebo. Best interior designers competently consult on the choice of interior, landscape design of the site.

Top interior designers in Nigeria will help achieve the following objectives:

- development of a comfortable and convenient interior design of your home in Nigeria;
- designing wisely thought-out the interior of construction in the best colors, regardless of the complexity, shape, and material;
- consultation on choosing a suitable construction material for interior home, revealing good combinations;
- development of individual style and interior in a private home, apartment;
- determining successful color scheme under a single stylistic solution of the whole house, apartments;
- preparation of architectural and construction plan of a private house, villa construction, garage, mansard or gazebo in Nigeria;
- drafting schematic outline for the installation of plumbing and possible electrical connections and wiring;
- development of a design project for the arrangement of furniture, decorative elements in the same style and color.


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