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Famous architect Nigeria

Famous architect Nigeria

The exterior is the opposite of the interior. It represents the exterior design of the house, its artistic and architectural decor. The main function of the exterior design is to make the house beautiful outside so that it attracts views and harmonizes with nature. Design of the exterior is divided into facade design and landscape design. About landscape design, you can see in others articles on our website, but here we will pay attention to the facades of houses.

Lately, exterior landscape design is a very popular direction of the design of the adjacent territory. The best way to decorate the exterior of the house is to place various decorative elements: arbors, bridges, arches and other items that emphasize the style of the building and create color accents.

The company Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in the manufacture of modern objects of the exterior - arbors, bridges, arches. To produce these products, high-quality materials and components are used to ensure the practicality, functionality, and durability of their operation.

Gazebos and bridges

Gazebos - this particular garden furniture, which is used for recreation outdoors. At the same time, the main characteristics of an ideal gazebo are:



staffed with a table and comfortable benches;


Forged gazebos, which amaze with their beauty, fully comply with these criteria. The company Luxury Antonovich Design has the opportunity to make forged and wooden gazebos according to both standard or individual drawings. Our customers can choose different styles of the exterior design of supports, roofs and fences, types of decorative elements, metal painting options and ways of forging.

In addition to gazebos, the company also produces arches and bridges for the garden landscape, which are also manufactured using forging technology. All products are incredibly durable, reliable and practical. When designing exteriors, both the customer's wishes and safety requirements are taken into account. Therefore, we can guarantee that the exterior of the house will not only be beautiful but also as durable and safe as possible.

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