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Facade design project Nigeria

Facade design project Nigeria

Facade decoration is an important stage in construction. In the process of designing the facade, you are thinking about how the front of the house should look. Competent, attractive facade decoration allows giving buildings a complete, full-fledged, aesthetic appearance. Therefore, every homeowner should think about this issue. The modern range of finishing materials is very wide, which makes it possible to realize the boldest ideas on the walls of your house. The production is perfectly adjusted, which opens the door to potential buyers for action. When choosing a decor for the facade of the house you need to pay attention to a number of the issues.

If the current facade design of the house does not suit you, then the architectural facade decor allows you to transform your own home. And why do we need a facade decor for a house or a cottage? In fact, the facade decor is a complex of works that allow you to design the building according to individual needs and tastes.

Facade design project - is a professional design the look of the building according to the developed drawings, 3D visualization, specifications of finishing materials and other project documents. The facade design is based on the architectural features of the building, its technical characteristics, and the customer's wishes.

What is facade design project needed for?

To know in advance how your house will look, in different versions of the facade and choose the most suitable type of decoration.

To reduce the cost of materials and work.

To hide constructive shortcomings in the construction of the building.

To know the sequence of ongoing work on the facade, landscaping and planning time to start work and finish facade design project.

The advantages of developing facade design project in the company Luxury Antonovich Design:

You can trust us: we are a manufacturer of facade decor and at a professional level we understand the features of its installation.

You do not need to waste your time looking for non-standard and rare decoration elements. Our designers can offer you a wide range of styles, materials, and solutions used in the decoration of the facade.

When ordering a facade design project, you are guaranteed to get a discount on the entire range of products of our company.

Attractive prices

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