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Layout design in Medina

Layout design in Medina from Luxury Antonovich Design is a multifaceted process, which is in constant contact with the customer - the only way to achieve a full understanding and quality. In our company, we adhere to an algorithm of the organization, which allows you to accelerate the design and construction of houses, not to the damage of high quality. The main stages of the design relates to obtain technical specifications, development of architectural solutions, the development of design solutions, designing of engineering networks.

Terms of reference are developed, when an individual design is produced. At this stage, there is a direct communication beetwen client and architect. When discussing the terms of reference, any comments and changes are received, aimed at making housing more convenient and comfortable. The specialists will offer different solutions based on their wealth of experience, which will come to the best option. In the next stage, the architectural design of the cottage, which is based on the terms of reference of the customer. The list of documents includes drawings of facades, floor plan and all necessary documents.

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