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Interior design in Medina

Interior design in Medina from Luxury Antonovich Design is a team of experienced and creative professionals with a good sense of style. Over the years, experts have proven their impeccable taste in design and provided a reliable organization of subsequent works. A worthful portfolio of the design studio includes a number of interesting projects of villas, created by professionals in Medina and in other cities of world. All Interior design services are focused on the development of space, a comfortable and pleasant for customers considering the slightest nuances of their wishes.

We offer the following services for the future cooperation. A creation the unique designs from the ground up which are reflected a personal taste of the owner of real estate, and corporate identity of the commercial establishments. The implementation of customer ideas into life through the prism of the experience of our specialists. A creation of concept projects for buildings of any type - from residential to industrial. A professional design of apartments and offices, followed by the author's supervision of the implementation of the design project. An adapting desired ideas to the individual characteristics of the space while retaining all the technical and practical characteristics.

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