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House design in Kuwait

House design in Kuwait is an integrated approach to solving the objective. The entire amount of work is divided into stages for greater efficiency.

1. Turnkey interior design begins with designing of an exclusive project:

  • preparing of technical specification in full accordance with the wishes of the customer;
  • provided planning sketches of future interior;
  • detailed design of the selected option;
  • developing of three-dimensional visualization;
  • preparing of the technical documentation.

2. Preparation for the implementation of the project includes:

  • administrative matters related to construction;
  • approval of redevelopment options in the established procedure;
  • purchase of building materials;

3. Construction / repair and decoration:

  • quality control of performance, meeting deadlines;
  • solution of emerging issues;
  • decoration and equipping;
  • commissioning of a facility.

House design in Kuwait we perform with non-standard decoration techniques: exclusive decorations, textiles, decoration materials, furniture under sketches of the designer, artwork items.


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