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Villa design in Kenya

Villa design in Kenya from Luxury Antonovich Design - a professional execution of the order of developing the interior design of any room apartments, private homes, elite cottage, office. We not only take into account the wishes of our client, we being creative and let happen improvisation, to get a striking result of architectural design, the best way embodying idea and the client's dream. In our projects, there is no place for formulaic solutions: to each order, we have an individual approach. Our experts are monitoring all the innovations in the field of interior design, and are always glad to offer you the best solutions, taking into account the new products in the construction and high-class finishing materials.

We will take care of all the hassle associated with the development of the interior design of your dreams. Complete development of exclusive interior includes a plurality of stages of our team's work:

  • familiarity with the client and the premise,
  • receiving specifications of the site, where will be implemented design project,
  • formation and coordination objectives, according to the customer's wishes,
  • 3d visualization,
  • project implementation
  • presentation of the finished interior design to a happy customer.

Architects, designers, planners, leading expert and project manager, working as a team will create for you a unique, exclusive, individual design project, to realize the bright colors and wildest fantasies by creating for you a cozy corner of your dreams.


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