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Landscape design in Kenya

Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design - an innovative landscape design in Kenya and other African countries. An experienced and qualified team of architects, designers, and landscapers performing projects according to the highest quality standards. Luxury Antonovich Design offers a wide range of services, ensuring quality from the design stage, the project realization to maintain your garden in the best possible way. You can participate in certain stages of the work.

Landscape design in Kenya from Luxury Antonovich Design is:

  • landscaping of any complexity;
  • 13 years of experience in landscape design industry;
  • completed projects of private estates, entertainment centers and territories;
  • engineering and design, construction and technical base;
  • highly qualified specialists, surveyors, engineers, builders, gardeners;
  • landscaping: paving of all types, retaining walls, fencing, swimming pools, decorative ponds, small architectural forms of metal, wood, stone sculptures, art forging;
  • planting, selection and planting of ornamental planting material;
  • lawns installation;
  • planting large trees up to 11m;
  • a decoration of water and coastal zones;
  • protection and treatment of plants, works are carried out all year round;
  • design and installation of automatic irrigation systems;
  • guarantee on all work.

In these completed works expressed a talent of our designers, professionals skills of a wide variety specialties. Over the years of activity , we have gained an excellent image, which is based on the experience and the high quality of all the works in landscape design.

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