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Interior design in Kenya

Creating Interior design in Kenya, we aim to make the world more beautiful and harmonious, giving to it fresh paints, and the non-trivial solutions. We adhere to an individual approach to the design of the site , considering the landscape, geological, architectural features of the area, and develop a design according to the rules of ergonomics and global trends, as well as all the requirements and wishes of the customer. We love our work and are proud of its results, because every day we change someone's life for the better!

Interior design in Kenya from Luxury Antonovich Design - is a set of activities from concept to realization of the

Our design studio in Kenya undertakes the fulfillment of orders of any complexity and specificity, whether it is a small apartment in a skyscraper, a country house, a large business center or a chic hotel and restaurant complex. Turning to us, you get a unique architectural design, because we never repeat our works and do not copy someone else's.

Luxury Antonovich Design provides a full range of services in the field of architectural design and interior design, not only in Kenya but also at any point in Africa and beyond.

Trusting us you can be sure that:

  • on the project will work the best architects, engineers, and designers with specialized education and extensive professional experience;
  • the order will be performed strictly within the specified time;
  • the result will meet your expectations. Due to the high level of 3d visualization, you can see the finished interior design at the design stage;
  • We use the only high-quality building and finishing materials, furniture, and accessories from trustworthy manufacturers.


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