От дизайн-проекта до реализации | производство и комплексная поставка мебели, подбор аксессуаров | EMAAR консалтинг, сопровождение проектов

House design in Kenya

Design studio in Kenya Luxury Antonovich Design - a team of highly skilled designers, decorators, and architects creating exclusive design projects, a unique and functional design of the interiors of apartments, offices and cottages in Kenya and other African countries.

We can develop the interior design of any premises. We are interested in different styles, trends, and purpose of premises . Our goal - the exclusive embodiment of your dreams into reality.

We only offer workable ideas of House design in Kenya.

An important challenge for us is such idea of the embodiment of the house design , which will allow to easily implement it. To do this, we will develop a set of working documentation for the contractor's works, technical specifications, and drawings for manufacturers of custom-made furniture and author's elements.

With your consent, we will carry out architectural overseeing the project.

House design in Kenya and other premises developed by our experts on modern computers with the use of the most advanced programs. This makes it possible to accurately calculate the necessary amount of building materials and to visualize the progress of work at any stage.

We offer the best prices on Interior Design, a consistently high-level of order fulfillment and quality service will emphasize our cooperation.

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