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Ceiling Design

The modern interior is not a set of requirements that must necessarily be met. This is, rather, a very harmonious concept, which determines the way of life as the choice of the soul. We can say that you should not copy fashionable examples, but simply referring to the current possibilities to do a design project of a house or apartment, which you most like.

Modern ceiling design in Modern style

The modern - style that can be repeated in the conditions of an ordinary apartment. And many successfully cope with this, although this style requires a lot of work.

You can choose one of the following ways:

Make a radical style of ceiling design - where the stylistic norms are in the smallest elements;

Decorative style - where only the main line is emphasized, mainly due to decorative elements;

Easy style - the main are only the characteristic accents, as well as the preferred colors.

For ceilings in the modern style are typical:

Smooth, non-symmetrical lines;

Vegetative motifs;

Strict harmony of all design components;

The presence of strong materials, glass, metal, and wood.

The ceiling in the modern style is passive, it is desirable that it fully merges with the plane of the wall. The corners and joints are softened with plaster. Walls and ceiling tone in tone - this is the perfect decor. Not suitable for the modern style ceiling: wallpapers, suspended structures, and plastic panels.

Ceiling design in the Minimalism style

Minimalism - this, of course, does not mean design in an exceptionally small room. But this does not cancel the fact that in large rooms, and in small apartments, you can make your own space in the style of minimalism.

This is a relatively new style that uses elementary forms. Simple solutions, light and space, very simple decor and soft colors - this is minimalism. Beige, brown, gray and green - four basic colors in minimalism, which are used in the ceiling design.

The ceiling in the style of minimalism is:

light colors;

preference of white color;

natural shades of metal;

glitter glass.

Designer ceilings: what does this decor mean?

New solutions are always preferable, and with opportunities, many prefer exclusive ceiling design. It's not new types of ceilings, it's an individual and professional approach. An ordinary person may not understand many things in creating a stylish interior, and a designer for a one-room apartment or for a house of several hundred square meters will create the best interior solution.

Somewhere it will be more interesting to look at the variant of the inclined ceiling, somewhere the lack of space and furnishings will be highlighted by an orange accent. Somewhere the designer will suggest using moldings, convex decor elements to create volume and bas-relief.

The appearance of the ceiling largely determines the interior in general. A poorly made ceiling design will destroy all efforts to decorate the interior. Cleverly made ceiling, on the contrary, will emphasize the dignity of the home.

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