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Architect in Kenya

Architect in Kenya, from Luxury Antonovich Design, is a professional and creative approach to the design concept of the future construction. Our team relies on such an approach to solving problems in which are closely related creative and functional origin. We develop for you architectural design and working documentation to the extent necessary for new construction or renovation in the shortest possible time and with the best quality. The architectural design of residential houses and public buildings, we performing with all the advanced world achievements, and considering your style and taste preferences.

We are creating bright individual solutions in the field of architecture and design - innovative, functional, comfortable and memorable. We design quickly, efficiently and professionally. When designing architectural projects in Kenya and interior design projects, we apply the latest design ideas and technical solutions. The specialists of our architectural studio use building information modeling. Architectural Workshop Luxury Antonovich Design offers its customers the development of architectural design and interior design projects of any scale , from private homes and cottages to large public multi-functional complexes and industrial buildings.

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