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Exterior design in Jeddah

Exterior design in Jeddah from Luxury Antonovich Design is the development of the exterior of houses and public buildings. Today Exterior design in Jeddah, visualization in 3D, as well as drawings for the project - this is one of the most popular and demanded services. The Luxury Antonovich Design studio works a team of professional and experienced exterior designers . At us, you can order the design of an exterior home, cottage, any public buildings, offices, restaurants.

Exterior - is artistically designed appearance of the building, ie facade design, which also includes the design of the surrounding areas and its elements: small architectural forms (arbors, benches, fountains, etc.), outbuildings. Exterior and surrounding area should be performed in the same style, should have unified architectural form. One of the important elements of this work - it's the lighting. In our studio, we have been developing not only daytime version of the exterior but the evening version of visualization of the facade, with the help of which you will appreciate the design of the facade of the day and night.


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