• 2301 office, 23 fl, Tower 1
    Boulevard Plaza, Dubai 2301
От дизайн-проекта до реализации | производство и комплексная поставка мебели, подбор аксессуаров | EMAAR консалтинг, сопровождение проектов

House design in Al Ain

House design in Al Ain from Luxury Antonovich Design is a full set of the necessary drawings and renderings for an implementation of the project design. Our executed work meets the standards of high-quality. We value and respect our clients and provide services for interior design in Al Ain at the highest world level. We will work through all the necessary engineering projects, we will bring construction and finish materials, and of course we will help to pick up and complete equipment and furniture.

At the early stages of the development of the interior design, we are able to estimate the total cost of the repair. House design in Al Ain, both residential and non-residential premises, will not just respond to the architectural and construction standards but also individual tastes of each customer. Our customers receive a design project, in which all the little things are taken into account, also visualizations, binding schemes and developed views are attached. We do not only design, but also carry out building work, so our designs are for hundred per cent ready for implementation.

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