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Swimm pool interior design in Abuja

Swimm pool interior design in Abuja

The pool design corresponds to the overall design concept of the elite villa project. The design of the house in Dubai is made in a modern style with accents of Art Deco. And this exquisite combination is also present in the interior of the pool. In such interiors, the tendency to use modern technologies is particularly clearly traced. Design of the pool interior by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design takes into account new ways to illuminate the pool, new methods of water treatment and other innovations that help make comfort absolute.

The design of the pool is very sunny.

A large basin bowl with a blue water surface is surrounded by luxurious elements in the decor of the walls and ceiling. To fill the interior of the pool with sufficient amount of lighting at any time, interior designers of Dubai offered to decorate the ceiling with wide lines of illumination, several chandeliers and many additional lamps. The design of the pool interior evokes aesthetic and sensual pleasure. Aesthetics of the interior is complemented by a large stained-glass panel in the ceiling. Through its openwork ornament, the space of the pool is filled with the beautiful glare of light. The voluminous decor panels on the walls complement the artistic expressiveness of the interior.

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