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Living room decor Abuja

Living room decor Abuja

Ceiling design for living room: modern trends

In any house and apartment, the living room is always the main room — guests are welcomed here.

It does not matter if it's a special place in a country house or just the largest and most versatile room in a small apartment — an approach to ceiling design for living room is very thorough.

The basic rules for creating a unique ceiling in the living room are:

When choosing a ceiling finish, you need to take into account the height of the room. Any ceiling design for living room takes a few centimeters, and the pretentiousness of the design in this case only take more space.

Sometimes it is not necessary to make too trendy design and install a ceiling construction. It is possible to completely manage a perfectly treated surface in the traditional way. In this case may be an additional decoration: stucco, art painting, fabric or applique.

Well-planned lighting will transform even the most modest room. With regard to the chosen style, it can be a classic chandelier with an elegant rosette, a minimalist “high-tech” ceiling lamps or romantic hidden lighting.

The most interesting result is obtained by combining different types of ceiling finishing. They must match the stylistics of the room and combined well.

Modern ceiling design for living room implies freedom in the use of materials. For design, you can safely use the following materials:

Gypsum plasterboard;



polystyrene, plastic;




MDF panels.

The ceiling systems are classified as follows:

False ceiling. The supporting structure is attached directly to the ceiling without creating a space between it and finishing. This system is suitable for rooms in which it is not planned to mask many communications.

Suspended ceiling. It differs by the presence of free space within the entire system. Most often used for the construction of multi-tiered structures. It is continuous or modular.

Stretch fabric. On the frame stretched PVC of different texture or special fabric. Of the features can be distinguished ability to retain moisture, which is important for the living room, combined with the kitchen. By the way, this is the system used to create the effect of the starry sky.

Adhesive construction. Polyfoam or polystyrene tiles are applied to the base surface. This is a low-budget and a little-aesthetic way of finishing the surface. Less often, but still use mirror panels. However, for safety, they must be additionally fixed.

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