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Interior design company Abuja

Interior design company Abuja

The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio develops unique individual design projects for apartments, houses, cottages, offices, restaurants, and other commercial and private real estate. In this field, interior design company UAE has been working for more than a decade. Over the years, the interior design company UAE has created over a hundred unique projects. And two-thirds of them are implemented by the employees of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, which ensures 100% conformity to the design project and gives a five-year guarantee.

Interior design company Abuja works exclusively with the current catalogs, and therefore find the right building material, tables, sofas, other furniture, and accessories will not be difficult. Quality goods, accurate calculation of necessary materials and customer care allow customers who decide to contact our interior design company Abuja, save up to 30 percent of the cost of construction.

The individuality of each solution, a unique style that is not influenced by trend changes and full compliance with promises and actions — clearly, harmoniously and at a high professional level.

Exclusive architectural design.

Development of an architectural concept, unique in its kind and architectural design, which includes the whole range of services, starting with the preparation and coordination with the client of all technical documentation and finishing with the organization of construction, finishing, and restoration work. Our projects have inimitable creative style, in which high professionalism, full dedication, and love of the work of our entire team are. Elite villas, country houses, stylish cottages, exclusive apartments, restaurants and cafes, multi-functional complexes and offices — in each project we invest our skills, acquired by years of successful work.

Exclusive interior design.

Working on the idea of the client, our author's interior design allows you to make from an ordinary layout an interesting interior of the apartment, from a typical cottage — a gorgeous house. Not afraid of bold ideas, fully aware of its responsibility to the client, our team develops elite interiors of houses, capable of impressing even the most refined taste.

Our team.

A team of professionals in the field of architecture, construction, and design, able to realize the boldest dream of the client. Using new technologies and the latest achievements of science, we at the same time do not forget about the age-old traditions of culture left to our heritage, emphasizing in projects the full harmony of the functionality of the interior and the refinement. Ability to look at familiar things in new ways, creativity, constant development, and fresh ideas — we offer our customers a new vision of modern architecture and design possibilities.

The basis of our work.

Full harmony and mutual understanding with the client at all stages of work from the development and approval of the design project to its technical implementation. Putting the requirements of our client above everything, we work by his wishes, smoothly interweaving them with our ideas, which allows us to get a completely new kind of space in which he will live or work.

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