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House design plans Abuja

House design plans of Luxury Antonovich Design - is an opportunity to build your dream home in which to you and your family will be most comfortable and cozy. We want to this house fully meet your taste in interior design, style, and architectural features. Our architectural bureau offers comprehensive design services, architectural design and construction of luxury villas in the UAE and Abu Dhabi.

The advantages of cooperation with our company:

- Complex services. Our company provides a full range of services, which includes project development, architectural design and decoration of the premises with the provision of a full report on the work done at each stage of construction. The customer can order the service supervision of the implementation the work if necessary.

- Individual approach to every project. The construction of luxury villas on individual projects implemented by our experts. For each object created its own unique design, including all the wishes and requirements of the client, as well as the features of the landscape and climate of the region where the construction will take place.

- Quality assurance. Country houses are built exclusively from the highest quality materials made in France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and others. Materials have certificates of quality and guarantee an excellent result on completion of construction.

We offer premium House design plan in Abuja:

We perform projects of any complexity and any size. We take into account all the wishes, we offer innovative solutions.The implementation will closely match the design project. We additionally offer assistance in the selection of materials and furniture, as well as their delivery to the site.

Individual features of the architectural design from our bureau takes into account peculiarities of laying the foundation, installation of additional engineering designs, the number of complex architectural elements in the decoration of the facade of the house.

Today, the demand for luxury villas and country houses in the UAE and Africa is growing with each passing day and this for several reasons. First of all, your own villa - a great opportunity to get away from city life and a bad environment, inherent in large cities. This house is comfortable and cozy to your children because there are many places where they can play and make their first steps. Beautiful nature and clean air - it's your vacation home.

Construction of luxury villas - is a demanding job that must be done by qualified personnel only. These professionals work in the Luxury Antonovich Design Company. We are implementing the construction of a country house "from scratch". This includes the development of the project drawing, in which should be considered every detail.

After listening to all the client wishes, the architect Luxury Antonovich Design Company Abuja will create the paper of detailed and complete plan of the building with all the architectural features that will be present in the project of the elite mansion. After that, water supply system, electricity supply, heating and sewage systems, designing .

Also, when preparing the project drawing it is important to consider landscaping area, swimming pool, garages and other buildings. The project is developed, usually several weeks to eliminate all possible defects. Thus, in the process of construction are not any mistakes, because of which it could be delayed.

Company Luxury Antonovich Design turns your dream of a country house into reality!

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