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Best landscaping in Abuja

Best landscaping in Abuja

In the home landscape, green spaces, terrain, lawns, ponds, architectural compositions, and lighting are equally important. The construction of a single composition, in harmony with the main building, assumes a whole complex of landscape works. You can create a home landscape of a private house site in two ways: with your own hands and with the help of a professional design agency. The first option is available to everyone, the second requires a certain budget.

Home landscape — where to start?

The mastering of any territory begins with a drawing or plan on paper. First, divide the site into zones: functional and problem areas.

On large and small sites, the first problem can be uneven terrain landscape. What to do with an uneven landscape? Turning disadvantages into advantages. If on a site of a country cottage or country house there are small hills, then plan to start from them. To begin with, slopes need to be fixed, and then arrange rockeries on them.

On a site with a large slope, a good idea is to make steps, straight into the slope. The staircase can go down to the rock garden, pond or to the house, which will be located in the depths of the garden.

Various steep slopes, small hillocks or low places (lowlands) will give to space the missing depth. So a small garden, divided into two terraces, looks more spacious due to the successful zoning of hedges or terraced flower beds. If such landscape you categorically not like, then the lowland will have to be drained, the ravine will be strengthened and leveled.

Drainage in home landscape

The main cause of the destruction of the landscape is the regular impact of groundwater. To avoid subsidence, shrinkage and stagnant soil moisture on the site, drainage is created. The main purpose of the drainage system is the collection and removal of rainwater from the site. Drainage can be made in the form of a trench or underground drainage.

Lawn grass in the design of home landscape

The type of green lawn you should choose before the beginning of works. It is selected taking into account the further use of the lawn. When you need an unpretentious lawn, for which you do not need to take care all the time, plant grass that does not need regular mowing and special feeding.

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