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Modern Kitchen Interior

Kitchen design can be considered as a separate area of ​​design art. Interior Designers Dubai always harmoniously combine comfort, functionality and aesthetic perfection. Each author's project is unique in its beauty and solutions. This author's apartment project in Dubai is in a contemporary style with light touches of Art Deco jewelery. Kitchen design impresses with great solutions, amazing harmony of shapes and lines. As the basis interior designers Dubai took light shades. And the first fiddle in this magnificent orchestra is played by light marble. On the floor the sparkling expanse of light marble is delineated with broad line of darker hue. And, a large round column as if arises from the glittering surface, which rests against the ceiling. This space is decorated with a niche with light and create the perfect illusion that the column continued higher and there is no feeling of its massiveness. This composition visually divides the kitchen into two zones. The dining room is decorated with soft chairs that are upholstered in velvet of milk chocolate color. A clear emphasis was art mural in the dining area. Kitchen design differs with conciseness and elegance. Lush and elegant element was the refined crystal chandelier pendants with exquisite waterfalls. The white furniture fronts stylishly contrasted with working surfaces in dark marble.

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