• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Bussiness bay, Dubai 2301
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Kitchen Interior in a Modern Style

Modern style and art deco elegantly intertwined in the author's project of the apartment interior in Dubai. Luxury of the next er a, which is created by interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design, is elegance, splendor and the birth of a new style in interior design. Kitchen Design Dubai is full of spectacular unique solutions. Authors of the project design delicately picked up the motifs of the living room and transfered them to the kitchen interior. The decor of the ceiling admires. The original author chandelier is made of crystal pendants of the thinnest wires. Beautiful illusion of weightlessness makes this part of kitchen interior completely unique. The chandelier is surrounded by a circular niche with a line of soft blue light and a stretch element of chocolate hue. The ceiling decor motifs picks floors decor. Circle of the correct form of carved marble of brown shade outlines the semicircular bar. The highlight of the interior became high chairs with carved lace backs. In the wall decor interior designers Dubai used wood of valuable species, which is covered with varnish. Against this background exquisite kitchen facades of creamy with exquisite hardware elements look a charming contrast. Kitchen Design Dubai elegantly and succinctly fits into the interior of the luxury apartment. Design project of the apartment underlines respectability and originality of the owner.

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