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Charming Interior Kitchen

Modern kitchen interior is rarely separate place. All the interiors are more eager to to be both comfortable and functional. Kitchen Interior Design now is deep and multifaceted direction. In this author's project of designers of studio Luxury Antonovich Design a kitchen is combined with a dining area. Dubai Interior Designers created a light, fresh and at the same time, very warm and sunny interior. Modern style with light accents of art deco formed the basis of this charming interior. The mood of lightness and freshness is set with pleasant shades of purple. Designers offered curtains for kitchen from precious silk of lilac and cream shade. Glamour image of a window decoration is added with a finishing tape and two strips of mirror panels with a facet in the decoration of the wall near the window. Apartment Design Dubai is always different with exclusive solutions. Because of natural marble floors decorated with carved patterns of unique curls. In the dining area soft chairs look luxuriously, which are upholstered in sumptuous velvet purple hue. These purple accents look particularly juicy and expressive against facades of the dark kitchen of natural wood. Concise appearance of kitchen furniture brought into the interior harmony and a certain elegance.

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