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Luxury Entrance Interior Design

Each design project Luxury Antonovich Design Interiors studio is a unique story. And every story, it has its epilog, plot development, and culmination. The only thing not in this story, it's the end of it. This infinity of luxury, comfort, beauty, and warmth of the hearth. A very important role is played by the beginning of the home's interior. Specifically the design of the hall. one story house plans is a complex design solution that serves to create absolute comfort. home designing is also intended to reflect the family's wealth, and their idea of beauty. In this project, visitors are welcomed by the stunning beauty of the hall. The attractiveness of the interior image based on a set of parts.

The pleasant palette of cream colors very profitable emphasizes the softness and ease of the interior. A significant role in the creation of artistic expression image plays lighting.Soft lines of illumination distinguish each rung of the ladder, furniture and, of course ceilings. Decisions in the ceiling decor is closely associated with the ladder configuration. Multilevel niches with rounded outlines have become the completed basis for a harmonious ladder portal. The central axis of the hall interior defines a niche with light and elegant chandelier. To make these items more bright and saturated, the interior designers Nairobi offered to design the wall decor with cream-colored decorative plaster with a matte effect. beautiful house plans from Luxury Antonovich Design is always unique solutions, which are devoted to each individual family.


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