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Fascinating Entrance Design

Modern palace, which impresses with its splendid decoration created by designers of the studio Antonovich Design. As a basis of the elite interior decoration of the villa in the UAE, we took luxurious white marble. Elegant interior design is closely connected with the architectural project. House central portal has become the epicenter of the magnificent interior story interior design images. And the simple interior design of the hall became double staircase of white marble, leading to the second floor of a beautiful villa.The graceful contours of ladder portal are joined at the top part and become the beginning of a large terrace on the second floor. Marble floors are decorated with carvings of natural stone in different shades. A special role was given by interior designers to the decoration of windows on the first and second floor. Some windows decorated with luxurious velvet curtains in a classic style hue of rotten cherries. The rest of the windows are decorated with very beautiful stained glass windows with the author's patterns. A real masterpiece, which graced the interior, became a magnificent stained-glass dome. This element defines the center of the luxury space as well as a massive crystal chandelier. 3d interior design of houses in the classical style is the new masterpiece of talented designers Luxury Antonovich Design studio. Interior design in UAE very harmoniously combine time-tested traditions and new technology. In order to create the ultimate comfort for owners of the house and their guests, modern elevator in the lobby was provided. Due to the circular lift shaft of transparent glass and exquisite decor, elevator very harmoniously blended into the luxurious interior.

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