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Custom Decorative Pillows and Textile


Home textiles from Luxury Antonovich Design are not just functional things necessary for daily use, but the most important decoration component of your home. Such items will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house, filling it with beauty and individuality. Home textiles are a very intimate question. Textiles for pillows require intelligibility in the choice, since it is in direct contact with the body; it works intensively for the sake of our comfort, creating a complete image of the interior design. 

Decorative pillows will help in a question of decoration any interior. With their help, you can make the room more bright, new and original. Pillows can be in the tone of the sofa, curtains, furniture or carpet. Pillows perform not only the function of decorating the room. They can also be used for their intended purpose. It is very convenient to watch your favorite movie or series, read a fascinating book, just relax, resting on the pillow.

Exclusive luxury textiles for pillows from Luxury Antonovich Design are good by:

  1. Natural fabrics. 
  2. Long service life. 
  3. Convenience in use and care. 
  4. Manual work and careful quality control. 
  5. Stylish interior design. 


Stylish decorative pillows will fill the house with a good mood, combine all the colors into a single whole, and create indoors a cozy atmosphere, luxury and refined sophistication. In the assortment of Luxury Antonovich Design Company there is presented only elite textiles from the best manufacturers, produced in France, Italy, Germany and Holland. Our craftsmen use natural materials, these include: teak, satin, cotton blended, flax, eco-cotton, as well as velvet, velour, jacquard, leather, suede. Our company maintains its leading position in the market thanks to a competent marketing strategy:

— we cooperate directly with the best manufacturers of high-quality textiles;

— the range of our products is constantly updated with the latest trends and innovations in the market of elite textiles;

— our collections include only high-quality products in combination with the most stringent requirements and standards.

Competently selected textiles set the tone for the atmosphere, helps to realize the idea of interior decoration. These are curtains, decorating walls, upholstery and decorative pillows, which should overlap with each other, setting unity and dynamics. For our designers, it is very important that the proposed material meets not only the aesthetic, but also the practical needs of homeowners.

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