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A Complete Ceiling & Fit-out Services By Luxury Antonovich Design

Best Interior fit-out Company in UAE

Among the fit-out renovation companies Dubai, only Luxury Antonovich design is providing the best ceiling & fit-out solutions in Dubai that is always started in a very systematic procedure. With our world-class services that is performed by the top-notch Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers, we are always making sure that every step and stage of work will be very well completed from very skillful work performance. Having the most accurate space planning is starting every work to achieve the best ceiling & fit-out solutions in Dubai will lead to a very successful creation.

Every Layout will be very well studied and develop according to the client's requirements and enhance it to become the most exclusive and luxurious style. There will be several work stages that need to focus and work out especially special points that will complete the full ceiling design, walls, and flooring which is part of the fit-out work implementation. Luxury Antonovich Design Team will help you achieve the selected style and interior fit-out that completes the estimated quality of building materials.

Stages and Procedures in completing the Best Ceiling & Fit-Out Solutions in Dubai – from the best interior fit-out company in UAE

  • Plasterboard works (Installation of walls, ceilings and plasterboard partitions, with which you can make an exciting re-planning of every space).
  • Floor coverings (We provide first-class floor solutions. Our professionals install underfloor heating; install tiles made of marble and other stones, laminate, parquet, etc.).
  • Plaster works (All curved walls are leveled, cracks are removed, and plastering works of any complexity are carried out. We work with any finishing materials, liquid wallpaper, Venetian plaster or other decorative plaster).

To achieve the best ceiling & fit-out solutions in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design is the best interior fit-out company in UAE that making sure that we help every client/ owner to select the most appropriate and matching style design for every interior fit-out according to the selected concept. As we make a complete estimate for the repair and fit-out works and pay attention to the quality of building materials and guarantee the professionalism of our team.

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