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Interior Bedroom Abu Dhabi

The elegant and noble bedroom interior was created in neoclassical style by interior designers Dubai. The stylish room is a little restraint, in which perfect harmony combination of shades, textures and materials are inherent. Bedroom design is filled with charming unique ideas. The decoration of the walls perfectly combines luxury decorative plaster and silk wallpaper. Wallpaper in warm mauve tints is decorated with lace patterns. The highlight of the bedroom interior was the bas-relief with large flowers, which are complemented with artistic painting. Bedroom design highlights the advantages of the space planning. Sitting area with comfortable sofas and chairs is taken out to o large window. Sofas are upholstered in noble textiles of purple hue that perfectly blends with silk curtains. Interior Design Dubai emphasizes the respectability of the house and the refined taste of its owners. Elite design studio always pleases its customers with a perfect embodiment of all the wishes predicting many of them. Bedroom design is in the spirit of laconism and elegance in every detail. Smooth surface of the ceiling was decorated with elegant chandeliers. And the bed looks especially luxurious with canopy of precious silk in cream colors.

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