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Bedroom with Chocolate Notes

Luxury interior design from studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always deep and multifaceted process. Working on the project, interior designers Dubai take into account dreams and desires of each family member. The villa design includes the design of several bedrooms and several children's rooms. For a large and happy family an ideal space was created, in which every member of the family feels completely comfortable. Bedroom design was developed for the mother of the owner of the house. Respect and love to her are fully expressed by the luxurious interior. Bedroom design radiates warmth of home comfort. Floor of wood of valuable species is covered with a special varnish and completed with a large natural carpet, on which a comfortable bed is located. Soft headboard is upholstered in natural milky leather. The diamond marks with gilt buttons look charming, contrasting with silk bedspreads of caramel color. Luxury bedroom interior features are enhanced with mirrored panels, which interior designers Dubai used in the decoration of the walls and ceiling. Boiserie behind the headboard is decorated with creamy pearlescent plaster. Lighting in the bedroom is provided with elegant chandelier with crystal pendants and flavorful coffee color shades, as well as ceiling lights. In total creamy caramel palette bright accents became furniture of chocolate shade and curtains. In the decoration of the windows interior designers use silk of milk and chocolate hues as a fine contrast.

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