• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Bussiness bay, Dubai 2301
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Wonderful Bedroom Interior

Apartment design in Art Deco style is full of tenderness, humor and romance. This wonderful mood was reflected by interior designers Dubai in all the rooms of the luxury apartment. Spacious bedroom looks especially delicate and sophisticated. It is dominated by pale lilac and white. Bedroom design is a separate line for each project. Everything here is full of pleasant mood with a few cozy intimate and seductive notes. We always commit interior design to the absolute comfort of our customers, their tastes and habits, lifestyle and perception of reality. One of the customer's wishes was to organize a small working area in the bedroom interior. As a brilliant idea or a though can happen any time. This zone is located in the window niche. The niche is framed by magnificent carved decor that visually resembles a chic frame for a picture. The very niche area is separated from the bedroom with curtains of crystal beads. Curtains made of noble silk in soft lilac hues very organically fit into a cozy bedroom interior. The main role in this comfortable and luxurious mood is played by a large comfortable bed. High headboard is upholstered in noble velvet of pleasant shade of gray with a silvery sheen. Carved decoration with silver goes stunningly with it. To make the interior more expressive and elegant, interior designers Dubai in the walls decoration offered luxury textile wallpaper with large silver ornaments. This composition is framed with mirror and beveled panels. A textile panel supplements a cozy mood.

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