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Delightful Bedroom Interior

Bedroom interior design in classical style perfectly captures the palace splendor. The lush interior decoration elegantly combines comfort and warmth of romantic mood. The interior design by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is a fine art, which reflects the tradition of ancient epochs and trends of modern technology. Bedroom design impresses with its solid and respectable appearance. Ceiling design greatly emphasizes the original configuration of the bedroom, which is located in a semi-circular portal with large windows. In the best tradition of classical style ceiling is decorated with lush stucco decoration with elements of gilding. This magnificent decoration is adorned with elegant chandelier in the classical style. A complex and artsy ceiling décor is harmoniously continued on the ornate decoration of the walls. Boiserie is filled with decorative plaster with the texture of natural marble. The wall behind the headboard of the bed is complemented by two luxury majestic marble columns with molded capitals on luxury inlaid bases. Against this magnificent background a high headboard looks bright and elegant, which is inlaid with handmade carved decor with gold. The decoration of the bed is in perfect harmony with the windows design. High windows are decorated with plush curtains in a classical style of noble silk. The warmth of home comfort is wonderfully embodied by the artistic parquet floor made of wood of valuable species and a magnificent Persian carpet in pastel shades with exquisite design.

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