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Charming Bedroom Interior Dubai

Apartment Design Dubai is in the style of modern classics. Interior Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design creates unique striking interior images, never happen again. This classical interiors most fully reflect the talent and virtuosity of interior designers. The combination of time-tested traditions, new technologies and innovative ideas brings to every interior unique charm and exquisite features. The interior design emphasizes the unusual layout of the bedroom space. Two windows in the bedroom are decorated with classical luxury curtains of noble silk of tea rose shade. One of the windows, because of its relatively small size is decorated with charming sided curtain. The main role in the story of this beautiful interior, definitely is played by a big comfortable bed. Its headboard and footboard made of wood, which is painted in the color of ivory is inlaid with carved handmade decor with gold. Headboard is complemented with insertion of soft panels upholstered in natural leather of cream color. Another charming touch of a bed design became a decorative fringe. The bed decoration was one of the accents in the warmth of home comfort. It is underlined by a noble velvet bedcover of sandy shade. Silk pillows pick up the motifs of windows decoration. Wall decor behind the headboard exquisitely repeat motifs of carved decoration on the furniture. Bedroom interior design amazingly combines magnificent solemnity and pretty cozy mood.

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