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Bedroom Interior with a Nice Romantic Mood

Bedroom interior design with a nice romantic mood is offered by studio designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. Authors of the project as the basis took a nice range of beige shades. The basis of a romantic mood is set by ceiling design. The niche is filled with stretch ceiling, which is studded with stars of LED lamps. In addition, around the perimeter the niche is delineated with soft blue backlight. Interior Designers Dubai, combining great traditions with modern technology constantly create images of unique beauty, which never happen again. This soft blue glow, which can be created by LED strips, lightenes below the comfortable bed, forming a delicious illusion of weightlessness. The bed looks harmoniously on the background of large soft milky carpet, which in turn elegantly contrasts with dark wood floors in the decor. High soft creamy headboard is outlined with dark lacquered wood. Wall decor picks up the theme of softness and warmth. Textile panel with shallow marks delineated lines of mirrored panels. Completeness and expressiveness of the interior is given by this exquisite bedside cabinets with luxury fixtures. The windows design delightfully complements the romantic mood of the interior. Elegant silk curtains and crystal beads become a highlight of the cozy bedroom interior. Bedroom interior design sets exceptionally pleasant and relaxing emotions. The interior is filled with tenderness and warmth.

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