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Bedroom Interior Design in Art Deco

Bedroom interior design in art deco with charming notes became a fulfilled dream of the hostess of luxury apartment in Dubai. The apartment design is filled with tenderness, warmth and wonderful sense of comfort. These points are characteristics for each part of the space of the apartment. Dubai Interior designers create interiors of unique beauty that reflect the character and habits of customers. For a cozy bedroom interior authors of the project proposed a range of pastel shades from cream to pale pink. The main role in the story of this beautiful interior, of course, is played by a luxurious bed with upholstered headboard. The headboard is decorated with milky genuine leather and fragments of velvet. It is complemented with the exquisitely carved decoration with gilding. The bed looks stylish at the background of soft wallboard made of natural cream-colored velvet. Shallow rhomb marks are in perfect harmony with mirrored panels in the wall decor. The highlight of the bed is padded base upholstered in leather, which is highlighted in the bottom with soft glow. This creates a delightful accent and beautiful illusion of floating bed in the air. The interior is full of tenderness and warmth. Bedroom design is fully consistent with the overall respectable image of the apartment interior. Here, the designers took as a basis the same elite finishing materials. In the walls decor silk wallpaper looks wonderful, which shimmers with pearly luster under the light of the chandelier. Chest of drawers and bedside tables with glossy ivory facades are complemented with gold.

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