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Master Bedroom Interior

Bedroom interior, one look at which filled with energy, was developed by designers of a design studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Bedroom design with a bright and very unique character is in harmony with the rest of the vivid images of villa in Abu Dhabi. Highly-precise professional 3D projects visualization, which we offer our clients, allows in details to consider your future home. Houses Design Abu Dhabi includes designing of several bedrooms. And each bedroom has become a vivid image of modern luxury and comfort. The basis of the festive mood is bright turquoise color. Noble silk colors are presented in the windows decoration, upholstered wall panels and bedding items. Bedroom design combines modern and classical accents, in the style of Art Deco. Dubai Interior designers have added some bright accents to make the image of a luxurious bedroom even more expressive and beautiful. One of the highlights of the project are curtains of crystal beads in the window design. Also, the ceiling design filled the interior with a sense of celebration. Niches illuminated, through the lace carvings and elegant chandeliers look very elegant and romantic. Wall Decor behind the headboard meets the best traditions of classical style. Arches of niche with elegant pilasters are inlaid with silver carved decor. This luxurious bed is especially lush and gorgeous. The graceful outlines of bed cabinets subtly reflect the general mood of the bedroom interior.

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