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Bedroom design. Silk Chocolate

Sweet bliss invisibly poured into a luxurious bedroom. Bedroom interior design is somewhat different from other areas of interior design. It's all about relaxing and cozy moment with seductive accents. Interior design Dubai by studio Luxury Antonovich design continues to offer their customers unique and extraordinary projects. And the character of the interior necessarily becomes thin reflection of the character of the owner of a house or apartment. We make every accent, every square meter dedicated comfort for our customers. Villa Design in Dubai is in the Art Deco style. And if in the interior of the living room and hall everything sparkles and shines of holiday luxury. So the bedroom interior in art deco style gained a unique romantic and "delicious" hue. Interior Design Dubai corresponds to the fashion trends. Noble materials, established traditions miraculously infused with innovations and innovative design ideas. Technology affects almost every aspect of modern interior, adding luxury and comfort of intelligence shade. Bedroom interior design has a bright character, thanks to the emphasis in the form of spectacular decor elements. High ceiling decorated with an original ornament that plays with wonderful light, thanks to the elegant chandeliers and more lighting. Lines of mirrors complement the ceiling decor and reflect luxury bedroom interior. Floor of dark wood looks warm and cozy. Luxurious silk bed complements the bedroom interior decoration with light and gentle mood.

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