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modern 3 bedroom house plans

An island of calm, tenderness and exquisite beauty created by designer Katrina Antonovich in the bedroom interior. Neoclassic style smoothly flows into modern style. Monochrome color palette ensures the integrity of the interior and its specific mood. For this project, the interior designer offered a soft beige shade with different shades. Beautiful curtains of two types of silk: milky-beige and ash-cream decorated the large windows. Elegant folds of drapery, which are formed by soft holders in the form of laces and brushes. Laconic curtains made of white translucent tulle cover the window at the same time allow penetrating into the room enough sunlight. A high ceiling with interesting design solutions looks even higher and more spacious. Wide molding is outlined by a line of LED backlight and a thin strip with gilding. The elegant chandelier and round ceiling lamps fill the bedroom interior with a sufficient amount of light. One of the brightest elements of the decor is a beautiful 3D panel behind the bed headboard. A nice geometric ornament, a deepening with illumination and a gilding edging give this part of the room space a bright and expressive image. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich beautifully improvises with the geometry of lines and shapes. For the floor decor, she offered a laconic light marble on the background of which a very large natural carpet with geometric ornaments looks very bright. The interior, in general, brings pleasant emotions of tranquility and relaxation.

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