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Luxury design Bedroom

What is a perfect image of the bedroom interior that designers of studio Antonovich Design have created ? It is very versatile and luxurious interior in the best traditions of classic style with a touch a French accents. Modern computer technologies allow us to create highly accurate imaging, which fully reflects the future implementation. Shades, silks chiaroscuro, lighting accents. All this is clear as if the photograph reflects the detailed 3D rendering. Note the classic interior of bedroom curtains. Pale blue silk, decorated with luxurious ornaments embroidery. Curtains are sheathed with wide edging and complemented by a beautiful braid with a small brush. Beautiful lambrequin gracefully complements the window design composition. Curtains with exquisite embroidery are ideally fit into the composition. Arched panoramic windows give the interior the bedroom special charm and fascination. To harmonize the interior, the wall behind the headboard adorned with beautiful decor panel with forged ornaments made of brass, arched shape with additional lighting. For the ceiling and walls decoration, the interior designers offered a decorative plaster of cream color with a matte effect. Against this background, a bright and festive look have the other elements of decor. Ceiling outlines wave of curls modeled decor. In the center, a beautiful medallion with stucco and stained glass outlines the elegant crystal chandelier. Light-colored marble on the floor, playing beautiful reflections under sunlight during the day, and under the light of a crystal chandelier in the twilight.

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