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Elegance Bedroom Interiors

Interior design bedroom is occupied one of the most important trends in interior design.This is the most romantic, the most secluded and most comfortable place in the apartment or house.It is bedroom design becomes a clear reflection of the character of the house owner and his understanding of beauty. This design project of a bedroom in the style of modern classics, like every project designed by studio Luxury Antonovich design has become an individual solution for owners of an elite building.Interior designers have offered a bright palette of colors, which is dominated by the pearly, the silvern and soft blue hues. The main objective of the design project of an interior bedroom is to create the most comfortable environment for a pleasant and relaxing recreation. The ceiling is decorated in the best traditions of elegant classic style.Pearly snow-white smooth surface illuminated by an elegant crystal chandelier and a variety of ceiling lights. The peculiarity of the bedroom, that is there two large windows.Therefore curtains design has become a very important part of the project. Curtains in perfect harmony with the decoration of the bed. Delicate silk in soft folds of drapery falls to the floor of light marble.These impeccable folds are formed by soft holders. Designers have cleverly highlighted the key points in the interior.To highlight the main area of the bedroom, it is decorated with exquisite interior decor panel with backlight around the perimeter.The decorative elements of polished brass in the form of laconic patterns became a luxurious complement in the decor of the walls.Decorative plaster with a matte effect perfectly highlights the remaining elements of the interior of the bright bedroom in the style of modern classics.


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