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Bedroom Design Nigeria


The bedroom design process is approached seriously by our dedicated professional team of Luxury Antonovich Design, because this room is created and decorated for sleeping. It is the space, in which the person relaxes and has a rest as much as possible. Selecting beige in a mix with brown of different shades as the main color of the bedroom, we used all the necessary techniques that will help to avoid monotony, and make the bedroom design comfortable and attractive.

The use of combination of beige and brown color palette in the interior design is a classic option. These are both classic tones with the most amazing advantageous in interior of the bedroom. These colors give a feeling of confidence and tranquility, help to have a wonderful rest and peace, help overcome fatigue and get rid of depression. This classic combination of brown and beige are sand tones. In the design of a bedroom in this format our team added some spectacular, energetic and colorful details, that helped to avoid the monotony of the brown bedroom interior.

Approximate to beige color are:

— ivory;

— yellow brown;

— light yellow;

— light orange;

— creamy;

— caramel;

— coffee;

— opal.


We offer you to get acquainted with the features of the use of beige and brown color in interior design. And here are the recommendations for improving the room:

1. Brighten the place up with bright accents. Photos with multi-colored frames, a small desk lamp or a bedside carpet will help make this idea a reality.

2. A great addition to the beige interior are the decorative elements with gilded elements.

4. If the bedroom interior is exceptionally beige our designers always use the touch of wall decorations, figured patterns, textures that help to dilute the interior.

When arranging lighting Luxury Antonovich Design proceeds from the general features of the room. If the bedroom is divided into zones, then each of them should have its own lighting fixtures. Our designers recommend to install big chandelier, which will become the central lighting and additional lamps or floor lamps. When the bedroom has a multi-level ceiling or plasterboard decorative structures, then we install small LED lamps that help to organize the additional lighting.

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