• 2301 office, 23 fl, Tower 1
    Boulevard Plaza, Dubai 2301
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Apartment Interior in a Modern Style

Modern style in interior opens up huge scope for designers for fine improvisations. Apartment interior design in a modern style finely balances on the border with minimalism, laconic, and captivates with its cozy features. Apartment interior design is created as an ideal environment for its owners. Customers want to get cozy oasis for relaxing stay after a day filled with concerns, successes and meetings. Interior designers Dubai in a living room as a basis took very light shades. The floor and part of the walls are decorated with natural marble of white color. Ceiling design is laconic and reserved, like the whole apartment interior. The rectangular niche with lines and soft lighting is complemented with small ceiling lights. Only crystal chandelier with waterfalls of pendants gracefully breaks the restraint and conciseness. The furniture in the living room interior as if dissolved in space, thanks to the snow-white glossy facades. The interior has such wonderful qualities as functionality and ergonomics. Soft sofa is upholstered in natural leather of cream color. Black leather armchair contrasts brightly with sofa. Dining area and kitchen look more easy and transparent. The sliding system made of transparent glass can visually expand the interior space. Behind smooth glossy facades of the kitchen latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances are placed. Apartment interior design in a modern style is luxury and comfort that are built to the absolute value.

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