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Maximizing Space in The Home With Good Interior Design

Bespoke Interior Designer UAE

Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing different types of architectural and best interior design Dubai and all over UAE. The team has been successfully well executed a set of different forms of project design in different forms of art and requirement such as residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial design. It has the world’s top professional team that has been skilled and experiences in the international institutions of arts and creations that concern Architectural, Engineering, and Interior Design.

Luxury Antonovich Design is developing each project with very special design inspirations and a very significant style that will stand out and eventually become the best asset of the full interior design arrangement. We are using different types of advanced technology in performing interior design implementations and fit-out work to achieve the best interior design in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design has it's in house artist that has been creating different forms of handmade art such as wall paintings, frescoes, marble, and water jet cutting and more.

Most of the interior design UAE has a very high requirement when it comes to achieving the most prestigious interior design set up that is why the Luxury Antonovich design is always extending its effort and capacity to perform the most outstanding design performance such as the ceiling design, gypsum works, wall paneling installations, carpet design and more. To achieve the most prestigious and artistic interior design UAE, the Luxury Antonovich design is performing the most unique type of style as well as installing the customized furniture design.

Luxury Antonovich Design has been extended its services as it is offering the full project solutions from the design visualization, implementation, executions, the team is providing the furniture deliveries, installations and fixing to make sure that the full interior design arrangement will achieve the exact design that the client is requiring.

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