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Advantages of Marble flooring

Marble flooring which creates designers and decorators Abu Dhabi Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is able to drastically transform the interior, giving it a touch of gentility and refinement. Made with modern technologies, polished floors made of natural stone, without exaggeration, be called one of the most successful solutions for both private homes and public institutions. The coating has high abrasion resistance, durability, practicality, and many other  advantages.
Natural marble used for thousands of years as a material for the manufacture of floor coverings and even today, in the presence of a large selection of other analogs, does not lose its relevance. Of course, laying  the floor of an exclusive mosaic panel, which will become a worthy complement to the interior and decorate any room, can not everyone.To successfully meet this challenge,  craftsman, for several years studying the characteristics of natural stone and made of him the floor tiles, learning how  skillfully combine different hues and to create original, unique in its beauty Marble flooring.
If in ancient times, Marble flooring was almost the only available material for the floor, but now the choice of flooring is striking in its diversity. However, natural stone confidently keeps a leading position among the various artificial surfaces, helping to successfully solve not only the performance but also the aesthetic problem for the design of residential, office and other premises.No matter what kind of a floor made of natural stone, whether   mosaic panel or monophonic polished coating, the surface always attracts the attention by its beauty and elegance.This finishing is excellently combined with decorative elements made of other natural materials: wood, metal, natural fibers, etc...

Advantages of Marble flooring

  • High durability. Polished or mosaic floor, which is based on a marble or granite tiles, is of particular durability and wear resistance.
  • Durability. With proper care, mosaic floors and floors of polished stone can withstand the most intense operating modes, while maintaining an attractive look and these initial qualities.
  • Decorative. Stone floors look great in any interior, as made of marble or granite tiles can have very different colors and texture.
  • The most popular varieties of natural stone, used as flooring, are granite, marble, and slate. 

Exquisite marble beauty has made it one of the elites materials - the mosaic of this stone panels have long been adorned the royal palaces and aristocracy houses. A wide palette of colors includes shades of pink, green, red, blue and black, giving a unique view of streaks, the original color transitions - all this makes marble the ideal material for the manufacture of exclusive Marble flooring.

Texture Marble flooring

Modern technology processing of natural stone allows you to give  the  Marble flooring surface very different texture. Thus, the decorative surface of the coating can be of the following types.

1.Polished. Polishing allows you to fully reveal the depth of color and pattern originality  stone tiles. But polished floors are not appropriate in all premises: in particular, they are not recommended to put in the bathrooms and in the kitchen - where the high probability of falling to the ground of moisture, which makes the surface very slippery.
2. Smooth matte. This processing technology makes the surface of the stone velvety matte, reveals the natural beauty of drawing and color.
3. Polished. Depending on the thoroughness of grinding stone surface may become substantially smooth or keep unevenness and roughness. Floor tiles with a rough surface are not slippery, so successfully used for finishing stairs and laying in rooms with high humidity.
4. Artificially aged. Artificial aging is most often used to a porous and soft marble, which is in the process of treatment becomes a refined texture. Tiles made of this marble is optimally suited for decorative curbs rotundas, as well as  a mosaic mural.

5. Sandblast. After processing of high-pressure air, mixed with sand, stone acquires original rough surface texture and becomes non-slip.

Marble flooring

Marble flooring

Marble flooring

Marble flooring

Marble flooring pattern

Marble flooring

marble staircase

Elite marble staircase

Marble flooring

Marble flooring in luxury villa



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