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Luxury in details. Tableware

Special, attractive, porcelain utensils of premium class from Luxury Antonovich Design. Classical, contemporary, shapes and decors of premium class porcelain crockery highlight these decor items among the entire decoration of the house.

Actual, fashionable, impeccable forms of porcelain, as well as other unique items made of porcelain, crystal, and colored glass, will decorate the most respectable house.

The quality of raw materials and modern technologies. All the stages of production of such utensils at the highest level. Many-colored glass goblets and wine glasses, refined highly artistic crystal, figurines and utensils of the highest quality porcelain, as well as cutlery. All this will give your home especially the exquisite charm. Unique, unrepeatable and of high-quality products will serve you for many years, pleasing with their beauty and impeccability.

Purchase the best tableware in the world offers the design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design.

We represent the best versatile companies, which for centuries are the world leaders in the production of magnificent thought-out serving items, accessories and gift goods, made using the latest modern design findings and distributed in 97 countries around the world. Porcelain utensils of a premium class are distinguished by a special grace, lightness, durability. Porcelain can retain heat for a long time. Surrender to the charm of elite utensils, give to yourself absolute pleasure and decorate your house. Discover the traditions with its versatile history and enjoy the products of the company, whose modern innovative collection is aimed at the future.

Noble elegance, true perfection, royal refinement - all this applies to beautiful items for the house, with which you can surround yourself.

Silver cutlery, crystal glasses, sets of English bone china and other attributes of the life of high society may appear in your home. It is enough only to contact our studio, where the sale of products from the legendary world brands. All of them are delivered to our store directly from the manufacturer, and therefore quality control is guaranteed. Italy is famous not only for a way of life but also for its talents. In particular, manufacture of household goods. It was here elite tableware and cutlery, original interior solutions and other household items were created, on which the world looked at in a new light. The culture meals and organization of their life was elevated to the rank of etiquette worthy of kings. That's why millions of people all over the planet so like the Italian character, a part of which they want to bring into their lives, getting exclusive products for the house.

We offer utensils, cutlery, accessories and decor items created in Italy because we are confident in the quality of each product. And we are not alone in this confidence. Indeed, Italian companies never failed their clients. So, if we are talking about the manufacture of elite crockery, the place of which on the tables of the best houses and restaurants, apartments and even palaces, then it will be the best solution. The traditions of its creation have been perfecting and carefully preserved over the centuries, and the quality of products is a matter of honor for its producer. The fact is important, that eminent companies do not abandon advanced technologies, but also skillfully use them to create goods for the home, in particular, silver, porcelain, crystal and other masterpieces. It is important, that almost all the goods presented in our store are handmade using the work of talented craftsmen. These include painting on porcelain utensils, decorating of crystal glasses, etc. This approach is valued in the modern world the most highly - every self-respected collector, a successful person who knows the good things for a home, esthete, considers it his duty to acquire at least one item from the catalog of our salon.

We welcome private and corporate clients to cooperation - those who are looking for the best for a home or office in the UAE, who want to surround themselves with luxurious things and bring more beauty and brilliance into their life. We will help you to find the perfect utensils for you, made in an exclusive design.


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